Outdoor Spaces: Upgrade Your Deck

One of the best trends in home design is the development of the outdoor living space. If your dining room is too small for your extended family or you don’t have a good reading nook in the house, what better way to add value to your home than to create these spaces in your yard. Pulling these spaces together often requires a good deal of planning, a lot of muscle and vision. The big payoff is entertaining and relaxing in your own backyard oasis.

Exterior Columns

Exterior details - columns, mouldings, deck rails, rooflines, eaves, porches - should all include characteristics that mirror the foundational architectural details on your home. From Craftsman to Traditional styles, exterior columns provide architectural character and style to any home. At a glance, many exterior columns may seem similar. However, there are big differences in the design, size, design, and construction of most exterior columns.

Add a Little Color to Your World

The paint trend for 2012 seems to be bedded in earthtones, but with all the colors to choose from it’s nearly impossible to choose just one. Well if you are looking for a little help getting started here are our favorite colors for 2012 from Sherwin Williams.

Architectural Details

At the turn of the century, when immigrants were quickly moving west to stake their claims on rich farmland and an opportunity to make a new life in America, Minnesota lumber mills were working around the clock to produce timbers needed for new homes, big and small. The bankers, lawyers, iron, lumber and railroad barons whose travels had taken them to Europe and beyond built homes in the prevailing styles of the day.

Spruce up Your Exterior

As we said last week, it is time to dig out your work gloves and get a start on your outdoor projects. Have you thought about what projects you would like to tackle this summer? What could you do to freshen up the exterior of your home? Let’s look at a few different aspects of your home’s exterior that can had curb appeal and value with a little sprucing up.

Traditional vs. Contemporary Mouldings (Part 1)

Last week we talked about the various parts and pieces called mouldings. This week we’re going to look more closely at the profile or cut of each of those pieces to determine what style home they’d look best within. To illustrate the detail we’re going to compare two drastically different rooms and the mouldings that have been used to provide such different effects.