Interior Doors 101

The style and type of interior door you select for your opening can set the tone for the space. It is important to consider the construction style of doors as well as the materials they are made out of in order to make informed decisions on which doors will be right for your home. This week we want to cover some of the basic construction styles in order to help you consider your options for interior doors.

Interior Doors – More Than Just Room Dividers

Interior doors do more than just separate rooms and provide privacy; they help to define the style and character of your home, while providing warmth, beauty, and function. From traditional and Craftsman panel options to rustic louvers, elegant French doors to modern flush there are endless options available to fit your needs. The key is in choosing a door that will meet your decorating flair, add value, and provide satisfaction for years to come.

What’s Your Resolution?

Once again, it is January; the month when many of us make a resolution to accomplish any number of things which would make us a better person. When February is knocking at the door will we still be standing in the same habits, our lofty aspirations a silly, convoluted idea?

Condensation Problems

Coming into this time of year, one of the most frequent issues we all run into is condensation on our windows and/or door lites. Condensation occurs when warm moist air comes in contact with a cooler surface. Not only is this unsettling to a homeowner about the product they purchased, there are also the issues of the mold and mildew that unwanted moisture creates. Along with the obvious health issues associated with mold and mildew, condensation can also lead to rotting wood and other damage if left unchecked.

Endless Possibilities

Your options don’t stop with our stock product lines, in fact truly personalized décor often comes from special orders…with this the possibilities for your millwork package are nearly endless. From exotic wood species, custom panel designs and unique glass styles, special orders provide you with limitless possibilities. Here id just a small glimpse of special order interior door options available from some of our vendors.