Before and After

The “grand reveal” is a pivotal part of every successful make-over television show. There are emotions, the quick views of before and after photos, and the glory of a completed project. The reality of any project is often more difficult. The behind the scene footage is far less glamorous.

Winterize Your Home Before the Temperature Drops

While we can all hope that the snow and below zero temperatures hold off for as long as possible, there is no denying that before we know it there will be icicles hanging from the our rooftops. Now, while the weather is still somewhat mild, is the perfect time to winterize your home and make preparations for the harsh temperatures and winter snowstorms. Here are 5 things you’ll want to make sure you do to prepare for your home of winter.

Proper Wood Door Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance your wood entry door can provide last beauty and protection for years to come. But like any home product proper care and maintenance are vital to its durability and performance. Periodic maintenance will keep your door looking great and provide proper protection against the elements.

Stylish & Reliable – Z-Series Walnut Sills

You take careful care and consideration to choose woods and finish colors that reflect the architectural style and character of your home, but it is also important to consider some of the components of your doors and millwork package that can also affect those selections. As such Bayer Built has been busy updating our selection of hardware components to bring you a wider selection of options in order to make your entry system the perfect match for you.

What a Marvelous Pair

As a person begins specifying millwork for their home, it’s a common misconception that the wood species throughout the home should match. However, a great deal of interest can be gained by combining wood species within your millwork package.

Acclimated Storm Doors: Installation Made Easy

As a complement to our Acclimated Entry Systems line, Bayer Built Woodworks now offers Acclimated Storm Doors. Just like our Acclimated Entry Systems, Acclimated Storm Doors offer superior components that provide superior performance and value without taking away from the doors’ beauty and character. And since all Acclimated Storm Doors come pre-hung and ready to install, with our new installation video to assist you updating or adding a storm door has never been easier.