In the late 90’s, we began receiving repeat requests for pre-finished exterior and interior doors, base, casing, and many other millwork products. As a result, we added a small, in-house operation, supplementing it with third party finishers to meet the demand. It didn’t take long for us to learn that in order to provide quality and color consistency, we would need to expand our operation to accommodate all orders in-house. In 2001 we installed our first track based finishing system, updating it in 2008 to a state of the art, water-based UV flatline system. It allows us to provide the most consistent and highest quality finish possible, while also meeting Green Practices, ultimately reducing our carbon footprint. Our pre-finish facility is a spotlessly clean, dust-controlled building which eliminates the risk of contaminates. We’re happy to provide this service, reducing the quantity of solvent-based finishes in the waste stream and alleviating the hassle and expense finishing on the jobsite.

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