Pre-Finish Options

Bayer Built Woodworks is proud to offer the highest quality pre-finish available for all of your millwork. The pre-finish facility at Bayer Built is a spotlessly clean, dust controlled building separate from other production areas. This eliminates the risk of contaminating our finishing with drywall dust, sawdust, dirt, and other contaminants commonly present on a job site. Having your product pre-finished before delivery eliminates warping, splitting, and other problems that result from humidity fluctuations during construction and installation. Plus, Bayer Built Pre-Finish means your millwork is ready for installation when it arrives, saving you the hassle and expense of finishing on-site!

Our state-of-the-art pre-finish facility is outfitted with the latest finishing equipment that helps us provide a durable, consistent, and even finish every time. All products that are pre-finished are carefully prepped, thoroughly inspected, sanded, cleaned, finished to your desired color, and shipped ready to install. Bayer Built uses only the highest quality primers, paints, stains, and glazes in our pre-finish processes. These products are specifically formulated for the environment they will be applied in and for the material they will be applied to. The durability and quality of our finish cannot be duplicated with typical off-the-shelf stains or paints.

Pre-finish is not new to  Bayer Built Woodworks. We have been offering pre-finish services for over 15 years. What started as a simple stain shop with one spray booth, has grown to fill a 100,000 square foot facility dedicated to experienced finishers, proven processes, and top-of-the-line equipment and technologies.

Bayer Built Woodworks prides itself on Green Practices, especially in our pre-finish operations.  All of our standard process stains utilize water-based stains and water-based UV seal and top coats. These products produce almost no harmful emissions (no VOCs) and are applied with automated equipment that reclaims overspray. Reclaimed overspray can be reused resulting in almost zero waste. In addition to the green benefits of water based standard process colors, our UV seal and top coat are among the most durable finishes available.