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I have had good luck installing your doors; I am a real big fan of the composite lower side jambs.

AndrewForeman - K&K

There are a number of reasons why we chose to work with you. One reason is that like us, you are a local independent operator, and we feel that you share our own commitment to the customer, so thank you for that. We are very impressed with your short lead times. It is very rare that you are not able to fulfill our order for millwork, even if we call the day before our next scheduled truck. You carry some items that can not be sourced elsewhere, for example the simple wood screen doors that are still fairly common here in our area. Another factor is the turn around time for pre-hung doors and your ability to Pre-Finish them. Your in-stock selection and very short lead times for the shop are greatly appreciated since it is impossible for us to carry all of the styles of both interior and exterior doors that homeowners are looking for. We also look to you as a source for various S4S hardwood boards, and stair materials.

HansLumber & Building Materials Manager - Timber Building Supply, Inc.

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