Obtaining Products

A: Bayer Built Woodworks is a two-step distributor, selling exclusively to building product retailers, so you will have to go through a local dealer to purchase any of our products. To find a Bayer Built dealer near you please click on our Dealer Locator.
A: To find a Bayer Built Dealer near you, please use our Dealer Locator.
A: Any of our dealers will be able to assist you. Please view our Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you
A: Our products are available through more than 1,000 dealers in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Montana. Some of our preferred vendors may have a dealer in your area. Please check out our vendor list list and check their locator for a dealer near you
A: Our paint/stain is specifically formulated for our equipment and is not available for purchase.
A: Our dealers offer a wide variety of literature and the tools necessary to aid in product selection. You can also see a digital version of literature available to you on our website.
A: Pricing for our products is dependent on a lot of variables such as product type, if it's pre-finished, etc. For current pricing, please visit a Bayer Built dealer near you.
A: Any of our dealers will be able to provide a quote for our products, just give them a call.
A: Most of our dealers have some sort of dedicated showroom, thus allowing you to touch and see some of the many options available to you. To find a Bayer Built Dealer near you, please use our Dealer Locator.
A: Yes, Bayer Built Woodworks has a showroom! Our showroom is open during our normal business hours. Contact your nearest Bayer Built dealer and they can assist you in setting up a time with one of our customer service representatives to schedule a visit. 

Care & Maintenance

A: On occasion (during shipping, handling, and product use) the raise & lower operator will become disengaged from the magnets under the glass. Follow the troubleshooting step below:

1. Slowly raise the blinds up, until you hear the first click. 
2. Then, continue raising until you hear a second click.
2. Now, lower and raise blinds completely to make sure procedure was completed properly.

- Dust frosted glass with a feather duster at least once per week, to minimize the chance of dust accumulation.
- Rinse the glass, using plain water. You can use a water hose, but don't use any pressurized attachments, as they can damage the etching.
- Wash the glass (once a month) using a mild dishwashing liquid and water. Then dry with a lint-free terry cloth towel.
- Spray ammonia-free glass cleaner on a terry cloth towel and wipe the glass until dry, to avoid streaking. 

A: Yes, but it will need to be purchased through one of our Dealers.
A: Our paint & stain coatings are specifically formulated for our finishing equipment & therefore it is not suitable for field finishing which is why we don't offer it for purchase.
A: There are two situations that typically cause a draft at the bottom of your door:

1. The first thing to check is your door sweep. The sweep is the rubber seal on the bottom of the door slab. The sweep is intended to make contact against the riser bar of your sill (threshold). If the sweep has noticeably been compromised from daily use, a new one can be sourced from your nearest Bayer Built dealer in order to replace it.

2. If your sweep is still intact, the next thing to check is the riser bar. This is the brown bar within the sill (threshold) that makes contact with the door sweep when the door is closed. If you can see daylight between the riser bar and the door sweep when closed, the riser bar can be adjusted to close those areas. To adjust, gently pry out the round brown caps located within the riser bar and adjust the screws with a screwdriver. The riser bar can be adjusted up or down in order to eliminate drafts or reduce where the sweep may be too tight against the riser bar. 

Products & Accessories

A: Absolutely. If we don't stock the size you are looking for there's always the option to special order.
A: We offer a few options for exterior door hardware, as well as interior door hardware.  For more possible options or assistance, please find a Dealer near you using our Dealer Locator.
A: These are the sizes that we stock; however, there are many other sizes that are available by special order.
A: Bayer Built can special order more specialized door options and we can cut any stock option to fit a specific height or width. We can get fun and functional chalkboard doors, or perhaps, a more elegant or rustic style is preferred. We have special order French and Louver styles, as well as bifolds and pocket doors. The stocked panel designs and glass options are not the end of Bayer Built Woodworks’' product line, with special orders there are no limits to the style and design possibilities for your home.

Contact any of our local dealers for information on special order.

A: Yes, Bayer Built can special order any door size to fit your needs.
A: The construction of our interior doors will vary by product line. If you are looking for a door to be painted, we offer both solid & hollow core style doors. If you are looking for a stainable door, we offer a variety of species which utilize a solid core or solid wood construction method. Engineered cores are commonly utilized with these doors to provide improved performance, price and environmental stewardship.
A: No two trees are the same, and the texture of the substrate will affect the products overall appearance. It is for that reason when specifying stain colors we refer to it as a blend.  For more information on acceptable blends, please visit our Standard, Ultra, or Premium stain pages.
A: Our online stain images are intended for visual reference only. There are many factor that can affect a digital representation of color and it is for that reason we offer a variety of samples.  Please contact a dealer near you to see sample options or have a color sample done.


A: Please click on "Forgot Username/Password" located at the bottom of the Dealer Tools sign in page. You'll receive an email prompting you to reset your password.