The options are endless when you are looking for products in your home, and the task of pairing like styles can be daunting.  Let us help you with some of our product pairing ideas in the drop downs below:

Current Trends: Farmhouse

The current "Farmhouse," look focuses on humble materials which have a relaxed, unfinished quality about them, including those which might be found in a barn; rustic wood flooring, barn door and industrial hardware pieces.

Design Style | Farmhouse


Spare the details and include very little of the ornament found in traditionally-styled homes.
Design Style | Modern


These homes place an emphasis on authentic, handmade construction providing simple elegance with unmatched natural beauty.

Design Style | Craftsman


This style combines traditional finishes with modern touches for a lighter, fresher take on a traditional home.

Design Style | Transitional


"More is more," guides this style which features decorative elements inside and out as well as over-the-top structural elements, reminiscent of European architecture.

Design Style | Traditional