Stairs are one of the most architecturally significant features of the home and also one of the most challenging to design. To aid in the design process, we have outlined several details which should be taken into consideration when selecting stair parts for any project whether the project involves renovation or new construction.

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There are, predominantly, two standard types of stairway installations determined by the location of the handrail on the stair system; Post-to-Post & Over-the-Post.


  • In a Post-to-Post installation, the handrail is mounted in between newel posts.
  • In an Over-the-Post installation, the handrail runs over the top of newel posts, allowing for one continuous, flowing handrail.

Post to Post Stair System | Bayer Built WoodworksOver the Post Stair System | Bayer Built Woodworks
Handrail| Bayer Built Woodworks Handrail is what we grab with our hand to safely guide us up and down a stair system. It comes in a variety of shapes and the details, or lack thereof, contributing to the overall design within the home interior. We offer a variety of handrail options for both Post-to-Post and Over-the-Post installation types.
Infill Option - Iron Baluster | Bayer Built WoodworksInfill Options - Wood Baluster | Bayer Built WoodworksInfill options, also known as balusters, provide safety on the stair system and are required by code by creating a barrier between the edge of the stair tread and the increasing height of the stairway system. Balusters/Infill come in a variety of styles, materials and shapes. Choose wood, iron, cable or some combination of these to add interest to you stair system.


Newel Options | Bayer Built WoodworksBox Newels | Bayer Built Woodworks Newel posts are found at the top and bottom of the stairway and at each landing, providing anchors for each length of the stair system. They offer yet another opportunity to add detail and interest to the overall look of the stairway.
There are many more options when choose stair parts and you have now reached the point that bring your Contractor back in, would be in your best interest. In addition to Handrail, Balusters/Infill and Newels, there are several additional stair parts which are integral to the stair system such as treads, risers, nosings, etc. These are somewhat more reliant upon the unique placement of the staircase within the floor plan. For example, will the stairway run alongside a wall? Will it be between two full-height walls? Is it completely free-standing? To address the needs of each unique stair system and select the correct parts, we recommend bringing your initial selections and/or take-off form, to your contractor or one of our dealers to finalize the remaining parts necessary to complete your project.