Columns 101: is that Doric, Ionic or Corinthian?

Take a walk around the neighborhood and you’re likely to notice more than a few different column styles.  Whether they are utilized to provide an extended outdoor space on the main level, an additional room on the second floor or a portico at the entry, columns can add loads of interest and style to the façade of a home. 

More good chi, please!

Aside from the, “hello-I’m-red!” paint on this entry door, the first impression of this home is clean and crisp; DING-DING! Have we talked about feng shui in this blog?  Maybe.  Let’s discuss it again because this photo shows how to put feng shui into practice!  

On the wire… cable railing!

Cable railing began as a solution for exterior deck and stair systems in situations where an uninterrupted view of the landscape was important.   Rather than looking between balusters to see the lake, forest or the backyard, the cables all but disappear. Today we see this system being adapted for interior stair systems.  The overall look […]

Black painted exterior doors… why you shouldn’t.

Most interior designers I know, self included, have a love-hate relationship with trends.  Mainly because trends don’t always apply to the design concept or work within the constraints of our client’s home, site or budget.  We hate to say, “no, that won’t work,” but frankly, sometimes it doesn’t. Black exterior doors are not for every […]

5 things I love about this space!

In a previous blog we talked about the elements and principles of good design.  This morning, while flipping through photos we’ve taken of finished projects, I stopped on this image.  It’s a beautiful space and a gorgeous photo. Like all good design, if we spend just a few minutes thinking about those basic elements and […]