“Weathered,” is not a good look on your door frame…

We often receive orders for painted exterior wood door frames.  While we love a pop of color as much as the next person, our customer service team cringes just a little bit each time they release these orders into production.  Not because we can’t do it or it won’t look great when it leaves our shop, but rather because we know how a painted wood door frame looks when it’s been through more than a few years of our Midwestern climate.  Snow, wind, rain, ice, heat, humidity… that painted wood door frame will require re-painting.  Do you enjoy painting?

We don’t either… we’d rather be at the cabin.

Which is why we offer a durable and attractive alternative, called, aluminum clad!  And we offer it in eight colors…which jive with your window and garage trim colors.  Extruded aluminum does not require re-painting and holds up to everyday use for the long term.  It also does not have exposed fasteners, will not dent or wave like roll formed material and is more durable than vinyl. It’s easy to install on pre-existing frames and we offer it in different profiles to coordinate with your window trim.

Behind that aluminum cladding we also utilize Frame Saver jamb legs.  In fact, unless you request otherwise, we consider it our standard product for all of our Acclimated Entry Systems.  Without Frame Saver, wood door frames are just that, a porous wood end sitting directly on top of the door sill…prone to wicking water up and inviting insects to the party.  The Frame Saver product has a patented composite bottom that resists water, warping, cracking and rot.  Plus, it finishes and paints just like wood…if you must have it painted rather than protected with clad.

(*psst…order the clad.)

Visit any one of our lumberyard retailers to see our Acclimated Entry system in person!  Find your local retailer here.

Happy Labor Day from the Bayer Built Team!

-Holly Bayer, ASID