All Hands On Deck!

AFCO aluminum railing products are relatively new to our product lineup.  We like them because they are easy to install and are made in the U.S. of extruded aluminum which makes maintenance a snap!

A few weeks ago our Customer Service team performed an AFCO Deck Railing installation for a wise and well-loved couple near our facility.  Why would we take a portion of our team away from the phones during the busy season? Because we LOVE to be thorough and we have to know how things work!  The best way to accomplish both is to use the materials from start to finish.

In these site photos you’ll see our team going through a few of the AFCO installation steps.  A full set of instructions are included with each product shipment. 

The photos of our crew show them trimming materials according to their field measure, installing the posts level and plumb using the install screws and base trim.  Utilizing the AFCO Tool Installation Jig to create screw holes for the top and bottom brackets.  This nifty tool assures all rail sections are plumb to the posts.

We also caught a picture of the team tapping the balusters into top and bottom rail connectors. One of the advantages of the AFCO system is the option to mix colors of railing and balusters if you like!  You'll also see a photo of the top and bottom rail cap being installed, though you won't see the fasteners because they are concealed when complete.

AFCO products are available in seven powder coated colors, in both smooth and textured finishes.  There are multiple handrail designs, including a flat top design and the more traditional bread loaf shape.  If you have columns or are in need of deck post wrap, AFCO has options available for that as well.  

-Holly Bayer, ASID