On the wire… cable railing!

Cable railing began as a solution for exterior deck and stair systems in situations where an uninterrupted view of the landscape was important.   Rather than looking between balusters to see the lake, forest or the backyard, the cables all but disappear. Today we see this system being adapted for interior stair systems.  The overall look […]

New front door? It’s not too late… yet!

If your Fall To Do List, included replacing the front door, it’s not too late… yet!  Mine will be replaced in the upcoming weeks and I’m looking forward to an updated and fully-functioning front door.  One that doesn’t drag on our tile floor and will keep us cozy, and heat efficient, all winter long. To […]

Back at the ranch…

Tuesday was a busier-than-usual work day at Bayer Built.  Aside from daily production, the stretch of County Road 32 we care for was on the schedule for its bi-annual cleaning.  The teams involved this season were from several departments, including:  Interior, Specialty, Warehouse, IT, Accounting, Customer Service, Materials Management and Logistics.  They had a windy, […]

Local Lumber Showrooms

When shopping for your home we know how important it is to touch and feel the product that you are contemplating buying. We work hard with our dealers to keep their showrooms and displays current with a wide variety of different styles, species, colors, textures and more – so you don’t have imagine what it’ll look like you can actually see it up close.

Why Shop Local?

We are faced with the dilemma everyday – buy from the big box store or from the local guy down the street? The big box store might be able to offer you a discount up front, but are you really getting the better deal in the long run?