Let’s Get Digital

Here we are, smack dab in the middle of “The Information Age.”  Not only do we carry telephones with us, out of the house and without a cord, but many of those phones have become tiny computers, allowing us to surf the World Wide Web whenever we find ourselves lacking the answer or piece of information needed to complete a task or conversation. 

 It will come as no surprise that some of us relish this quick-as-a-flash access to the info we’re after, even thrive on it!  However, many of us also miss the face to face conversations and those bound bunches of printed words on paper, called books. 

 Maybe there is a place somewhere in the middle where technology and human interaction complement each other?  Perhaps technology can provide us with an opportunity to do our jobs more efficiently so that there is more time for meeting our customers and our cohorts, in person. 

We’ve been working hard to provide online solutions for our dealers and consumers.    At www.bayerbuilt.com it’s easy to find the specifications needed to make all your interior and exterior millwork selections.  We know you’re busy during the day; fortunately the web is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Dealers will enjoy easy access to Dealer Tools including but not limited to:  fillable order forms, exterior and interior door catalog pages, product spotlights and updates, marketing materials, displays and our on-going calendar of events.

As a consumer, our website is an up-to-date inspiration point and information gathering portal!  We’ve demystified industry terminology with a handy guide, provided architectural style descriptions, warranties, installation and maintenance guides and perhaps most important, our easy to use dealer locator. 

Additionally, we provide an e-Catalog to all of our dealers to make ordering simple and quick.  Every product we stock can be selected and ordered utilizing this software, custom or non-stock items are easy to add and the completed document can be emailed directly to our customer service desk.      

We’re dedicated to continuing to revise and update our presence in the technological realm.  Currently, we’re working on an Interior door systems update…more to come, online!