Why Fiberglass? | Make the Switch

Steel doors have been the go-to exterior door for years... But we're here to point out why you should make the switch from steel to fiberglass.  Fiberglass doors provide a low maintenance, energy-efficient, versatile alternative to Smooth Fiberglass Vs. Steeltraditional steel doors. Our Summit Series Brushed Smooth Fiberglass doors offer a high performance smooth surface that will not rust or dent, and is an ideal surface for paint. Our brushed smooth fiberglass door offering is extensive, and paired with our woodgrained fiberglass offering it surpasses the panel and glass design combinations available in steel.  All of our textured fiberglass doors can be stained or painted, to give you that beautiful curb appeal you've been looking for.

Regardless of your choice whether it be steel or fiberglass, you can rest assured that the Product Development Team at Bayer Built has researched and tested the doors we offer, and stand behind the products we distribute.  Complete with a Limited Lifetime Warranty you can be certain your door will perform in the elements.

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Pros of Fiberglass | Bayer Built Woodworks