Back at the ranch…

Tuesday was a busier-than-usual work day at Bayer Built.  Aside from daily production, the stretch of County Road 32 we care for was on the schedule for its bi-annual cleaning.  The teams involved this season were from several departments, including:  Interior, Specialty, Warehouse, IT, Accounting, Customer Service, Materials Management and Logistics.  They had a windy, soggy morning for the task, but with so many working together it didn’t take long to spot and gather litter along the two mile stretch.

When this crew arrived back at the plant, lunch was on the grill awaiting them. It was our outside sales team’s way of saying, “thank you,” to the entire Bayer Built team for a month of record

sales.  Without our many dedicated employees in each branch of our shop, the outside sales team would just be out driving around… aimlessly!

It’s no small task to feed all of our employees. The salesmen (and yours truly) gathered up several pounds of burgers, brats and beans from the local butcher, approximately 500 buns from two local bakeries and all the fixings to feed our small army. Three grills were fired up at 10am and all hands   were on deck, to make sure no one would walk away hungry.

Another fine example of teamwork!