Waterborne UV Finishing, the basics…

Pre-finish is not new to Bayer Built Woodworks.  We have been offering pre-finish services for over 15 years.  What started as a simple stain shop with one spray booth has grown to fill a 100,000 square foot facility and this year, we’ve just finished adding on!

We are often asked, “What’s so special about your finish?”  Oh boy, am I glad you asked.

Waterborne UV is a process which utilizes an acrylic, instead of alkyd, resin to create a beautiful, highly durable finish.  Alkyd resins found in solvent based finishes, are hazardous, carcinogenic (cancer causing) and highly regulated.  They require one to eight hours of air drying time before they are ready to be touched; much less packaged and transported by truck to the lumberyard near you.

Acrylic resins, when combined with a UV seal and top coat, have the same quality and durability without the hazardous off-gassing, Volatile Organic Compounds and waste.  They dry in minutes rather than hours and allow us to provide you with a furniture grade finish within ten to twelve working days.

Simply compare the average solvent based finish at 5lbs. of V.O.C’s per gallon with a water based finish at .39 lbs/ gallon and you can see (and smell) the difference!  Imagine how many gallons of finish and paint are used in the average American home.  Now multiply that by the number of homes in your neighborhood.

Not only did we reduce the number of solvents and V.O.C.’s within our process, but we did so without giving up any of the hardness ratings as prescribed by the industry (WDMA, ANSI and AWI testing) or the clear quality of finish!  Both our Standard and Ultra finishes are beautiful examples of our waterborne UV finish process.

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality prefinished millwork we can in a timely manner while also being stewards of the environment we all share.

-Holly Bayer, ASID