Ultra Process Stains

Bayer Built Woodworks' Pre-Finish facility is excited to announce the release of our Ultra Process Stain. Our Ultra Process was developed for difficult to finish wood species such as Poplar, Alder and Pine. The Ultra Process utilizes water based stains with water based UV Seal and Top coats for a rich, consistent finish with the most durable, scratch resistant top coat on the market.

The Benefits of Green Building

Last week we talked about going green and some ways for you to easily do your part. Many homes, and business are working to go green on a daily basis. And with the building industry striving to established competitive difference and long-term benefits, green building is taking hold in many facets.

Green It Is

Even if you don’t buy in to “green practices” or sustainability, the concept of green should just be about common sense. Shouldn’t we want to use less natural resources? Don’t we want to have cars that are more efficient? If I am able shouldn’t I use my bike to go three blocks to a farmers market to buy jam


Do you ever notice the occasional, “slow-down and drive-by,” in your neighborhood? Whether it’s a visitor looking for house numbers or a leisurely onlooker, deep down we are all voyeurs. It’s unavoidable. Look at the quantity of home shows and tours from spring through fall if you don’t believe me. We absolutely love to know what the insides of each other’s homes look like.

Outdoor Spaces: Upgrade Your Deck

One of the best trends in home design is the development of the outdoor living space. If your dining room is too small for your extended family or you don’t have a good reading nook in the house, what better way to add value to your home than to create these spaces in your yard. Pulling these spaces together often requires a good deal of planning, a lot of muscle and vision. The big payoff is entertaining and relaxing in your own backyard oasis.