Outdoor Spaces: Upgrade Your Deck

By: Jill Wuertz, Product Manager

One of the best trends in home design is the development of the outdoor living space. If your dining room is too small for your extended family or you don’t have a good reading nook in the house, what better way to add value to your home than to create these spaces in your yard. Pulling these spaces together often requires a good deal of planning, a lot of muscle and vision. The big payoff is entertaining and relaxing in your own backyard oasis.

Whether you have a large space or smaller alcove, it is a good idea to start out with a sketch or drawing of your plan to use the area. How will you define your space? Pavers, a pergola with columns or an interesting fence. Do you need a seating area? Does there need to be lighting? Do you have a view of the lake that you would like to keep unobstructed?

Right along with buzz words like “outdoor kitchens,” “water features” and “table top fire bowl.” the term “maintenance free” is also a priority with homeowners. Why create a lovely space if all you are doing is painting the fence or staining the railing?

A great outdoor product that is available from Bayer Built is an Aluminum Railing line from Regal Ideas. This system is low maintenance, easy to install and adds lasting value to your outdoor space. The railing is available in four stock colors; white, black, yard bronze and taupe. You can select straight or decorative pickets or glass inserts. Components are available for the stairway as well. This Aluminum Railing system is a great way to help define your outdoor space.

Look for the new LED lighting system available in June! This is an excellent way to illuminate your outdoor space.