The Acclimated Storm Door

Midwest storms can sometimes give us a run for our money.

To be completely honest, my stress level triples when I start to see the sky turn green.  When those rolling clouds start building in my direction, I start heading for the basement!  First to come are the sheets of rain, then the hail, followed by the tornado siren.  My thoughts start running, “What if the tornado hits my neighborhood this time?”

Here’s something to ponder… we protect our lawn and driveways with rain gutters; our outdoor tools and toys by putting them in a weather-proof box.  We drive our cars into garages to prevent hail damage.  Why not also add a little extra protection to the front door?  Our entry systems are an investment and ideally, built to last.  With regular maintenance they can perform beautifully for years to come.

Last year we heeded the requests of many and added a durable and functional Acclimated Storm Door line.  Not only did we search for a system that would include superior components, performance and value but we’ve managed to do it without taking anything away from the door’s beauty and character.

Every door has heliarc-welded corners ensuring your door will withstand the test of time and weather. Included is a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing the door will not sag, bow, or bend. Along with durability and style they arrive already pre-hung with pre-drilling for the handle set, closer & wind strap making it ready to install. Just follow along with our installation video and you’re set!

Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, elegant, or simple, there is a storm door from the Acclimated Storm Doors line to work with your entry system.   For more information on our Acclimated Storm Door systems here and our YouTube video on installing a storm door is located here.

-Kirsten Koetter, Assistant Marketing Coordinator & Holly Bayer, ASID