The Top 150 Workplaces in Minnesota: Bayer Built Woodworks, Inc.

Last week we were honored to receive recognition from the Star Tribune as one of the top 150 places to work in Minnesota.   In fact, we ranked 43rd out of 343 mid-sized companies!

Workplace Dynamics, a company out of Pennsylvania, ranks employers across the United States. They invited Minnesota companies with more than 50 employees to participate in anonymous employee-response surveys.  That means the rankings were based solely on employee response.  The Star Tribune and Workplace Dynamics have conducted this survey for the past 6 years and this year more than 2,100 companies, including Bayer Built Woodworks, participated.  We jumped at the opportunity to participate because our employees deserve the best and we wanted to find out how they really feel about working at Bayer Built Woodworks!

We were delighted with the outcome, regardless of the award.  Our employees are what make our company great and we make sure they know the value of their efforts.  We were able to review quotes from our employees and were glad to see that many of them remarked on our company ethics and our growth.

Growth is our greatest challenge.  Grow too fast and the team is worn out.  Grow too slow and you’re yesterday’s news.  We were relieved to hear our employees say, “I have room to grow at Bayer Built and am learning something new every day.”  Another told us that, “working at a family-owned company that cares about their employees is very important.  They go above and beyond to bring in the machinery we need to produce the best products.”

One of the key concepts at Bayer Built Woodworks is teamwork. The survey results showed our employees appreciate that idea.  As other organizations attempt to uphold this concept, we believe we are succeeding.   An employee commented that our team structure works hard to, “direct and help employees to get better at their respective jobs.  This helps us to make improvements to our process which in turn, just makes us that much more efficient!”

Our team approach includes profit sharing with our employees.  Many of them expressed how rewarding it is to see the results of their hard work in their paychecks.  Each team, whether in the shop or in the offices, understand doing the job right the first time can have an enormous impact on our bottom line.  The surveys also told us how much they value not only, “profit sharing but also the monthly booster events that really lighten the load and help keep us moving in a positive direction.” They went on to say, “I’ve never had a job where the owners knew me by name and actually cared about my contribution to the team.”  Another said, “I honestly feel that the owners appreciate their employees and I appreciate them for giving me the opportunity to work for a company that, “does it right!””

We value opportunities like this one to hear from our teams so we can continue to make Bayer Built Woodworks a rewarding and exciting place to work.

Cheers to our team!

-Bayer Built Woodworks

Below is a list of the Top 10 responses from our employees as to “why” they enjoy working at Bayer Built Woodworks!

  1. I get to do what I like to do.
  2. I have room to grow.
  3. I have the flexibility to make decisions and am supported by my team.
  4. I’m given everything I need to be successful at my job.
  5. I’m treated like a person and not a number.
  6. The people here are great to work with and we do a lot of fun things as a team.
  7. Our shops are up to date and the equipment we get to work with is the best.
  8. Ownership makes opportunities for us to grow individually and within our teams.
  9. Profit sharing and boosters lighten our load and keep us positive.
  10. I feel genuinely appreciated and ownership knows each of us by name.


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