To rot or not… Entry System 101

When selecting the materials for your home, the options will often seem endless and confusing. In my work with consumers, I’ve watched their eyes glaze over when we start with exterior selections and begin discussing the advantages and disadvantages of six different types of siding. Six choices for one selection!

More often than not, we quickly implement a design concept and formula for decision making based on a few important factors:

1. Quality
2. Maintenance
3. Value
4. Aesthetics

These factors don’t necessarily stay in the order shown above. For example, the aesthetics of a light fixture might trump the maintenance involved.

When selecting the exterior products for your home, the top priority should be maintenance. In our Midwestern climate, we are exposed to wildly fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels; our homes are expected to withstand the abuse, with little help from us. Implementing a quick repair when it’s -30 windchill or 98 degrees and 80% humidity can be physically (and emotionally) painful.

Entry System 101
Aside from the front door, there are three main components that make up your entry system. They are (from bottom to top): the sill, the jamb legs and the header. Connecting those pieces together is as important as what each piece is able to do on its own. Each piece of the system will need to withstand water, wind, insects and significant temperature changes.

Sill An adjustable composite sill will create a tight connection between the sill and the jamb legs.

Jamb Composite jamb legs will provide protection against water and insect damage. Yes, insects!
Continuous Header One solid piece to go across your door, sidelights and transom will provide protection up top by eliminating additional seams where moisture might penetrate.

Compression weather stripping, narrow synthetic high dam caps, sealed adjustment screws all aid in connecting these pieces together to create our Acclimated Entry System which comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We searched the market for the best products to create an entry system designed specifically for our Midwestern climate. We bundled them all together to make many selections one simple choice.  You can have low maintenance, aesthetics, quality and value!  Click here for more information on our Acclimated Entry System and to find a dealer near you.

-Holly Bayer, ASID