Lighten UP!

In the Midwest, we are nuts about daylight; literally.  Without it we establish something un-affectionately referred to as “cabin fever.”  Talking to ourselves, becoming short with each other, sleeping for 14 hours because it’s dark at 5pm…these are the maladies of winter; some would say, “a gentle form of torture.”  In just a few weeks, on December 21st, we will hit rock bottom and encounter our, “shortest day,” with just 8 hours and 45 minutes of sunshine, or cloudy daylight as the case may be.  The bright spot in this potentially cloud filled day?  December 22nd we will turn ever so slightly back towards the sun and enjoy a full additional one minute of daylight.  Every day, a few more minutes until, finally, we reach the finish line:  spring.

House plans which take into consideration how natural light will flow, whether for new construction or remodel, are not only ideal for our climate but some would argue, a necessity.  Daylighting is an architectural term for the use of natural light as the primary source of illumination.  Allowing natural light from windows to move throughout your home can be achieved even if you’re not moving walls, adding windows or a few skylights.

Take a moment to consider the doors you already have.  Would natural light flow into the adjoining room if that door had a full or partial piece of glass?  Is there enough ceiling height to add a fixed or operational transom above the door?  We have many interior doors in our offering that can include a clear, acrylic or textured glass panel.  To make the right choice for your space, consider the level of privacy needed in the space where you’d like more light.

Change out a door, add a transom and feel the benefits of added daylight!

-Holly Bayer, ASID