Take the first step…

Designing, selecting and constructing staircases is an overwhelming task.  Each one is unique.  There are many parts which have to be selected and all those parts can be any number of different finishes.  How to start?

Begin with the first step (which is not really a step at all) but a railing…

  1. Would you like your railing to go between the newel posts or over the top?
  2. Decide whether you will want a carpeted section or runner on your steps or not.  This will determine whether you need full wood treads or tread caps.
  3. Select a starting post, called a newel post.  These are placed at the bottom and occasionally the top and landing of the staircase.  They should coordinate with the rest of the millwork style in your home in both detail and finish color.
  4. Select your balusters.  They might be stained wood, painted or metal.  You might select one or alternate between two or three throughout the balustrade.
  5. Decide if you want to add any ornamental skirt boards or brackets to the outside edge of the stairway.

Keep in mind, if you’re going to have treads and risers (the front part of the step) that do not match, the tread will get the majority of the daily wear so you’ll want that finish to be durable and to coordinate with your overall flooring material.

For more inspiration, click here or visit our website and click on Interior Products to find our selection of stocked Stair Products.  We stock materials in eight wood species and thirty-one iron baluster styles.  We also have Stair inspiration for you at our Houzz page and on our Pinterest board.

To take your plan one *step* further, visit one of our dealers to see product in person!  Use the Dealer Locator on our website to find the one closest to you!

-Holly Bayer, ASID