Riding out the storm…

This is the time of year that begins to feel unsettled; at least at our house it does.  Summer’s not over but school hasn’t begun.  Activities for the kids are running out, the weather is a little hotter than I’d like it to be and the propensity for a storm to hit becomes a more regular occurrence.

Like many of you, I’ll have to start battening down the hatches soon.  Cleaning out our rain gutters, putting away outdoor toys and gardening tools each night and making sure to drive the car into the garage more regularly.  Adding a storm door is our next item on the To Do list.  Not only will it offer the opportunity to enjoy a breeze with the full, aluminum screen but it will be stronger than the one that came with the house.  The old one had corners that were all coming apart at the seams.

Our new, Acclimated Storm Door will have Heliarc-welded corners and four-hinge tubular design to withstand the boys and their neighbor friends as they rotate through it on a regular basis.  In fact, they won’t be able to slam it because it’s got a fancy hydraulic closer.

Instead of a chain, it will have a wind strap and the color will match the rest of our trim because the extruded aluminum has a powder-coated finish that jives with our window and door clad.  Double venting at the top and bottom will ensure that heat won’t be trapped between the glass and our front door, regardless of the season.

The best part?  The lifetime warranty.

(… and that one of my brothers will be able to install it for us, because it comes pre-hung and takes about 45 minutes to install.)

For more information on our Acclimated Storm Door here and our YouTube video on installing a storm door is located here.

-Holly Bayer, ASID