What does a new front door cost?

The question might instead be, “what is your current door costing you?”  The exterior of your home communicates a message to every person that walks, bikes or drives past.  What does your home say about you and what would it cost to improve upon your front entry system?

Local, Twin Cities realtor, Brian Gute (along with every realty study done in the last five years), will tell you that the safest investment to make on your home is to update your front entry.  Improving the curb appeal of your home adds instant value.  In fact, there is no other home improvement task that will recoup every dollar you spend; not a kitchen, not a bathroom and certainly not a bedroom.

Step outside and put a critical eye to the front facade of your home.  What does the front door say about the rest of the house?  Does the style of your front door match the style of your home?  Is the hardware on it sturdy and clean?  Are your house numbers easily seen from the street?  Is there a working porch light to illuminate the entry and provide a welcome on the doorstep?  Is the landscaping neat, cared for, inviting and interesting to look at?

When considering what door material will garner the most bang for your buck, look to fiberglass.  In our Midwestern climate, there is not a lower maintenance or more energy-efficient option.  Additionally, smooth fiberglass doors have a surface that is ideal for paint.  A smooth fiberglass door can be just as easy on the pocket-book as a steel door but provides far better insulation during a cold winter.  Steel doors also dent easily and then rust where they’ve dented.

So, what’s the first step?  Click on the link to find your local lumberyard!  They can help you to understand what size door you need, what your options are and what the door of your dreams might cost.  Just type in your zip code and set the travel distance you prefer.

I can’t wait to see what door you choose.  Send me your before and after photos.

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-Holly Bayer, ASID