Dads everywhere, rejoice!

Of the many fathers I know (including my own) there are few who haven’t built or helped to build a deck.  To date, I can recall witnessing at least six deck installations in the last twenty-some years.  That seems like a lot; particularly since none of those installations were happening at my house!  When I think back on what those installations looked like these are the first things that come to mind:

  1. Guys, at least three of them.  Uncles, friends, brothers, neighbors.
  2. Lumber and plenty of it.
  3. A little concrete.
  4. Sweat… and a full weekend of labor.
  5. Lots of hardware, tools, levels, etc.
  6. Swearing.  Some times a lot of it.

Today, very few decks are built with lumber.  Most homeowners take advantage of the many low-maintenance wood alternatives available in what would seem like one hundred shades of brown.  How many deck installations have you assisted with?  Or have you observed from the peanut gallery, providing cold beverages and sandwiches at regular intervals?

Installing your own deck is a labor intensive process.  Fortunately, advances have been made not just in the board materials but also in the railing category.  Rather than cutting several wood railing pickets to size, Regal Ideas has streamlined the process with their Aluminum Railing System.  Installing this beautiful, maintenance free product involves three basic steps:

  1. fastening posts
  2. attaching rails
  3. snapping in the pickets.

In fact, the only time intensive part of the project might be selecting from five color options and choosing the style of your railing posts and pickets… which some of us (*ahem*) consider the fun part!

Check out the installation video at Regal Ideas to see how easy it can be and find their selections on our website or on our Houzz page.  After all… it’s finally time to grill out in the Midwest!

A very happy Father’s Day to the many wonderful fathers, at our house and yours!  We’d be sitting in the grass on lawn chairs without you…

-Holly Bayer, ASID

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