Today was supposed to be the END of winter.

There are some rather large piles of snow in my yard.  Whether yours looks the same or has just the remnants of a snowman left to melt, April is the ideal time to begin shopping for a new exterior door system.  In fact, you’d be ahead of the rest if you considered the door style, color and material that best suits your home now;  rather than waiting until the week prior to Labor Day.

And wouldn’t it be fun to have a smart new front door to welcome back summer?  I can see the big containers of red geraniums now…

As an added plus, the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC) is currently hosting their annual Parade of Homes; hundreds of homes sporting the latest in exterior (and interior) door trends.

So, take a drive around the neighborhood, stop into your local lumberyard and bring this list of tips with you.

  • What are the dimensions of the door opening?
    • Will you need one door or two?
    • Most front doors are a single opening at approximately 36” wide with or without sidelights to the right and/or left.
    • Is there a transom window above the door?
  • When the door is shut, do you want natural light to stream in?
    • What level of privacy will you need from the inside looking out?
    • What style glass details would fit best with your (Spanish, Tudor, Craftsman, French Colonial, etc.) home?
  • What color paint or stain would both compliment and offer a little punch to your home’s façade?
    • Would a brass kick plate and door knocker be an attractive detail?
    • What would contrast nicely with the trim on your windows?

In our harsh climate (this winter as one of the very best examples), a fiberglass door hung in one of our Acclimated Door Systems will provide the most long-term, cost-effective and low-maintenance solution.  Hundreds of styles and thousands of finishes await you.

An architect once said to me, “the front door is like a handshake; it provides a lot of information about the owner.”

-Holly Bayer, ASID