Manual? What manual, watch my video!

You’ve likely observed that the best way to teach any person born after let’s say…1980, is to set them in front of an instructional video.  Forget about 35-page instruction manuals; watch from your smart phone or your laptop or your iPad and you won’t have to try to figure out what that universal stick person is demonstrating at Step 78.

Knowing how to teach a new task to someone younger than you is of high importance if you’re a business owner, tradesman, employer or a parent.  It recently occurred to me that perhaps the reason my own children don’t pitch in around the house as often as I’d like them to is simply because I haven’t made the instructions entertaining enough!

This light bulb moment occurred at two points for me last week.  The first, while I was loading and unloading the dishwasher for the seventy-third time and the second, while I stood around the corner from my daughter’s bedroom and listened as she made her own instructional video on how to properly style an average fifth-grade girl’s hair.   These two moments prompted me to open up You Tube on my smart phone and type, “How to Load the Dishwasher.”


It exists.  Along with, “How to… Take out the Garbage and How to Clean your Room…” I kid you not.

At Bayer Built, we are dedicated to customer service, teamwork and forward thinking.  We know in order to be successful your team, our team, every team has to be working efficiently at both new and old tasks.  To help, we’ve recorded and dedicated an entire You Tube channel of videos that provide information, installation and general instruction.  Including the one at the end of this paragraph which will show you how to install one of our Acclimated Storm Doors.  If you watch it, not only will Brad teach you how simple it really is to install our storm doors, but as a special this-Thursday-bonus; you will momentarily get to hear birds chirping and a reminder of what green grass looks like.

Click here: Acclimated Storm Door Installation with Brad

Thing spring! (…or let’s at least start dreaming about it.)

-Holly Bayer, ASID