One door and a hundred variations… at least!

In case you needed one more decision to make in the course of your non-stop, 21st century, life… did you know there is more than one style of interior door that would look great in your home?      

Interior doors are made up of at least two stiles and two rails, with a number of panels, separated by mullions and possibly glass in the middle.  The locking rail sits horizontally on the door and is where your doorknob and lock get attached.  See our Door Anatomy 101 for details, at right.

But wait, there’s more to select!  What wood species would you like the door to be, or what color would you like it painted?  How tall and wide is your rough opening?  What color hinges would you like and what finish? 

While our stock offering doesn’t include every door available to you, it does include some of the best looking in a wide variety of price points.  If your mid-century modern furniture isn’t jiving with your oak, six panel doors, you have the opportunity to do one of two things; either switch over to a single or two panel door design; or get a new sofa! 

I would be willing to bet the sofa decision would be the more challenging!

-Holly Bayer, ASID