Dare to go there

Last week, while working on a showroom installation in central Minnesota, this beauty was unwrapped!  The five of us working on the display simultaneously said, “ooo…” 

This is a shining example of my, less-really-is-more-if-you-dare-to-be-bold theory.  The door is arguably one of the most affordable doors in our inventory; a BMG, exterior, fiberglass, six-panel door.  The paint color is from our stock offering paint deck and one that we spray on a regular basis within our shop.  We call it, “Bayer Built Black.” 

Can you imagine this with a kick plate at the bottom and a really beautiful handle set?  Add a pair of sidelights and this would be a classic, unforgettable entry.

While some consider a brightly colored door a new trend, the idea actually dates back centuries in countries all over the world.   For those traveling the Underground Railroad in the mid to late 1800’s, it is said that a red door signified a safe house.  During the same time period, across the pond, Dubliners painted their doors bright colors to openly rebel against Queen Victoria’s edict that all doors be black to show mourning for her husband’s death. 

This month we’ve begun a Bayer Built Pinterest page and just last week pinned a handful of images which illustrate how powerful the right color can be on your front entry door.  Take a look and let us know your favorite front door color… the options are endless. 

Be bold!

-Holly Bayer, ASID