3 Things to Know About Bayer Built Prefinish

  1. Our prep
  2. Our facility
  3. The product


Our Prep – the single most important step to finishing millwork is the care taken during the prep process.  Whether its wood, fiberglass or steel, every product we finish is inspected, sanded, cleaned and inspected again before its sprayed.  Inspecto Lights, a committed prep team, hand sanders and an Opti Sander make this area a bee-hive of activity! 

Our Facility – we began offering finishing services over fifteen years ago, with just one spray booth and solvent based finishes.  Today, we’ve grown to fill a 100,000 square foot facility which is dedicated solely to experienced finishers and top-of-the-line equipment.  With high-powered dust collection systems, the building is a carefully maintained space to provide the optimum finishing environment possible.  This eliminates the risk of contaminating our finishing with drywall dust, sawdust, dirt and other contaminants present on a job site.

The Product – when we began finishing we used solvent based finishes.  In an effort to continually be thinking forward, particularly as it pertains to the environment, we investigated the possibility of water based finishes and the technology involved in utilizing them.  When combined with UV seal and top coats, these finishes are as strong and durable as solvent based products.  With the greatest reduction in VOC’s on the market and reclaimed overspray, we’re proud to offer a finish that is not only environmentally friendly but contributes almost zero waste. 

And with 35 stain colors and glazes, 43 stock paint colors, 6 distressing options and the ability to custom blend any color, we have the perfect finish available for your home!