Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

The weather is a little more crisp these days and the snow has begun to fall (although thankfully it isn’t sticking around just yet) which means the holiday season is nearly upon us. The weeks from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas seems to flash by faster and faster each year. It is a magical time spent with family and friends so don’t spend it stressing, here are some tips to help get your home ready…

1. Decorate Early

Get your decorations out of storage now so that you have plenty of time to sort through everything, ditch the old worn out stuff and pick up some new items to update your look this year. Put outdoors Christmas lights up while it is still warm outside – remember though that just because the lights are up doesn’t mean you have to turn them on, save that for after Thanksgiving.

2. Give it a thorough Cleaning

The last thing you want to be thinking about while sitting around roasting chestnuts on the fire was when you last cleaned out the chimney, shampooed the carpets, or countertops. Spend a weekend now giving your house a good thorough cleaning so that you can just sit back and enjoy your company while their around.

3. Refresh Your Holiday Décor

If you host the holidays each year, then chances are your guests have seen the same décor and decorations year after year – perhaps it time to spruce things up. Sites like Pinterest offer great ideas for easy DIY Holiday projects and interesting ways to repurpose the holiday items you already have. Check out our Home for the Holidays board to get you started.

4. Stock the Fridge and Freezer

Be sure to stock up on the essential – water, juice, snacks – and make whatever meals you can ahead of time. Many festive holiday dishes can be made days (or sometimes even weeks) in advance and chilled or frozen until the day of. Preparing dishes in advance means that you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen slaving away over the oven.

5. Warm up the Entryway

Make sure that you make the right first impression on your guest. Your entryway should be warm and welcoming. Be sure you have a coat rack or closet ready for jackets, a rug for shoes, and the holiday mood is set from the moment they walk in the door (or even before that with a wreath)

6. Have Fun

Lastly, just have be merry and bright! The holidays are supposed to be about enjoying the people you are with, not worrying about dust bunnies, centerpieces or one burnt out Christmas blub. So start your preparation early for peace of mind, but when the company arrives sit back enjoy the time you have together (they’ll still love you even if the ornaments on the tree aren’t precisely distributed across the tree).

**Images courtesy of Pinterest