What Makes it an Acclimated Entry System?

By: Jill Wuertz, Product Manager

We have talked vigorously about how updating your front entry system can add value and curb appeal to your home. A new front door can help make a statement about the home’s character or just help to welcome guests into your home. But there are so many styles and types of exterior doors available, how do you know which door is right for you?

You have options regarding the architectural style of your door; possibly a Craftsman, Colonial or Mid-Century Modern door. You will need to determine the species or type of material you want; perhaps the authentic graining of Oak fiberglass or maybe a traditional wood door? There are also extensive options for glass – clear, blind lites, decorative camed glass or Low-E. With all these options it can be challenging to select the door that would best suit your home.

These options are aesthetics details of a front door that make it visually appeal. But what most homeowners don’t often think about, or don’t understand is the importance of, is the performance of the overall entry system. Things like a composite adjustable sill can’t always compete for the spotlight in an entry system, but is important to the door’s performance. A lifetime warranty on the frame should be more of a deciding factor than the type of decorative glass that is available, but that is not always the case.

There are hundreds of door, glass, and architectural styles available within Acclimated Entry Systems. We surround all of our doors with premium components that are designed and built to meet the extreme conditions of our unpredictable climate.

When comparing Acclimated Entry Systems to others available in the marketplace, you need to take a look at the overall system you are selecting. We take care in selecting and offering door types and styles for multiple price points, but we use the same premium frame components on all Acclimated Entry systems. We feel strongly about offering ultimate performance as standard, not an upgrade or option. Our standards include:

A low-wick weatherstrip, that absorbs 50% less water than our competitors

An adjustable composite sill, that won’t rot or deteriorate over time

A double bulb door bottom, that will resist tearing and provides maximum contact with the sill

FrameSaver composite bottom jambs with a lifetime warranty

Homeowners need to understand that not all entry systems are held to these standards. Within Acclimated Entry Systems you are able to select you door based on the aesthetic details knowing that the components that surround your door will offer you premium performance.

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