Exterior Door Clean Up Do’s and Don’ts

To make your entry door performance last and keep its appear you’ll want to regular clean and inspect your entry system. Here are a couple of quick Do’s and Don’t for proper care.

1. DON’T: Powerwash your entry doors – this is very hard on your finish it can also cause seal failure of the glass units and allow water to infiltrate your system

2. DO: Clean doors and windows regularly to keep your finish looking nice – this will also help with your system’s performance – aim to clean your doors at least twice a year (Spring and Falls are good times of the year)

3. DON’T: Clean in direct sunlight or in extremely hot or cold temperatures

4. DO: Clean and rinse one area at a time – this prevents water and cleaners from collecting on the door and glass

5. DON’T: Use abrasive cleaners, metal tools or razor blades to clean your entry door or glass – doing so may damage the door’s finish, scratch your glass or door and remove protective coatings