Is That a Greek Revival?

By: Holly Bayer, ASID

What does a Greek interior door look like?

I’ll tell you. It’s going to have as many panels as possible with high profile mouldings detailing each of those panels. Why?

Because those details elicit the seriously substantial ornamentation that is a hallmark of this architectural style! Admittedly, there are

very few Greek Revival style homes in the Midwest but it’s a dramatic example to prove a simple point.

To know what to do inside your home, step outside and stand in front of your home. What are the details you notice first? How steep is the roof pitch? What are the exterior materials? Stone? Brick? Wood? Vinyl Siding? What style front door do you have? Are there columns? Are they tall, short, round, square? Even a 1980’s rambler has details that are informative to the selections you make to give your home a cohesive feeling on the inside.

Let’s play a matching game to test your exterior to interior detailing sense (we’ll post the answers later on today):