The Evolution of Fiberglass Doors

By: Pat Thieschafer, Sales Representative

About 25 years ago fiberglass doors were developed to give homeowners the option to have a stained woodgrain entry system without the maintenance and performance issues associated with real wood entry doors.

Along with adjustments to the texture of the door’s skin, Enhancements in manufacturing have provided fiberglass doors that offer a superior protection but retain the look of real wood. In the cold Midwest climate where doors face 92+ temperature differences from the interior to the exterior of a home, ”thermal bowing” became an item of concern. Manufacturers soon learned they needed to use engineered stiles to improve the stability of fiberglass doors. Furthermore, while early versions looked good, just like any product, pressure for bigger and better was present.

Early on, most all fiberglass doors replicated Oak, over the past 10 years however, other species like Fir, Mahogany, Cherry and smooth paint grade have been added as trends shifted from the Oak grain. And current doors mirror traditional stile and rail construction providing more authentic grain patterns for heightened curb appeal. Most manufacturers still sell early versions as well as their latest versions of fiberglass grain patterns, giving consumers options on style and budget. This offering is displayed across the Acclimated Entry Systems product line with our 3 different series: Select Fiberglass, Designer Fiberglass, and Elite Fiberglass.


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