Proper Wood Door Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance your wood entry door can provide last beauty and protection for years to come. But like any home product proper care and maintenance are vital to its durability and performance. Periodic maintenance will keep your door looking great and provide proper protection against the elements. Regular finish maintenance is also a requirement of the warranty that’s included with every Acclimated Entry Systems unit.

Wood doors that bake in the sun for more than 4 hours a day will quickly lose their looks without routine care. Clear-coated, stained, and painted doors should be recoated annually for longevity. Signs to watch that indicate it’s time for some simple, easy maintenance on your finish include:

  • Hairline cracks in the top coat of your finish
  • Changes in the color of your finish
  • Changes in the texture of your finish (such as flaking or scaling)
  • Dullness or chalkiness in your finish

Cleaning your doors periodically can also help to keep the finish looking fresh and beautiful, but remember:

  • Use a soft, clean cloth; do not use your dishcloth to clean and dust wood doors
  • Always wipe with the direction of the grain, never across the grain
  • Do not use hard cleaners, detergents, commercial cleaners or abrasives
  • Do no use wax or silicone-based polishes