Interior Door Styles

Interior doors are key to any home – they do more than just separate rooms and provide privacy, they define the decor and character of a home, while providing warmth, beauty, and function. Bayer Built’s interior options provide style and design suited for all aesthetic desires. We have traditional raised and flat panel options as well as rustic Louver and Cafe choices, elegant French doors and practical Accordion Doors. But which style is right for you? Let us help explain the differences.

  • Panel: Panel doors, generally a stile and rail construction, provide the highest privacy, insulation, and security. There are several different types of panel styles (single hip, raised double hip, and flat) and configurations (2-panel, 3-panel and more).
  • French: French doors utilize glass panels to allow natural light to pass between rooms. These doors offer unmatched elegance and natural beauty but do not offer as much security, insulation or security as panel doors. Bayer Built stock multiple glass styles for interior doors, including clear, Rain and Pantry, plus there are endless options available through special order (check out Lumicor’s Resin Panels).
  • Flush: Clean and simple, flush doors are a good fit for the value conscious homeowner. Flush doors are available in hollow-core and solid-core, as well as smooth and textured finishes.
  • Louver: Louver doors are comprised of a series of horizontal slats which provide ventilation while restricting light. Louver doors help to ventilate small spaces, such as closets, pantries, and laundry rooms. Louver doors are available in half louver or full louver depending upon your needs.
  • Bi-Folds: Bi-fold doors are segmented, hinged doors that fold or slide when opened. Bi-folds are often used for closet doors or in passageways where space is limited.

Each home and situation is different; it is beneficial to know your options so you can select the right door for your needs. Beyond door style, it is also important to consider your choice of material (generally wood, wood composite or MDF) and door size. Review all options available to you with your local dealer or explore Bayer Built’s Interior Door Options.

Interior Doors