Ultra Process Colors

Great care is taken to match color standards, but variations will occur with graining and hue of each individual piece of wood. Color swatches are intended to provide a sample, and are not accurate for color matching.

Mesa Red (509)
Pecan (518)
Portobello (521)
Dark Roast (523)
Dawn (526)
Jute (527)
Pinecone (528)
Malbec (529)
Macchiato (530)
Rockwood (531)
North Shore - Sycamore (550)
North Shore - Zinc (551)
North Shore - Crimini (552)
North Shore - Marmot (553)
North Shore - Thistle (554)
North Shore - Carbon (555)

Ultra Process Stain

Our Ultra Process was developed for difficult to finish wood species such as Poplar, Alder and Pine. The Ultra Process utilizes water based stains with water based UV Seal and Top coats for a rich, consistent finish with the most durable, scratch resistant top coat on the market.