The term “transitional,” as it relates to home design is not an architectural designation.  It’s best defined as an aesthetic which combines traditional finishes with modern touches for a lighter, fresher take on a traditional home. It is evident within the current trend, “Farmhouse.”


Colonial Design Style | Bayer Built Woodworks
Colonial style homes offer a reflection of early American sensibility and simpler times. These homes emphasize economical craftsmanship rather than decorative detailing. There are few details and trim is narrow and not decorative.
  • Structure: Colonial homes are tall and narrow, a classic "Salt Box" structure
  • Exterior Doors: Entry systems are narrow and windowless with long, vertical panels
  • Windows: Usually 3 over 3 panes, sometimes 4 over 3 panes
  • Colors: Earth tones, gray, natural wood colors; Never white
Georgian Design Style | Bayer Built Woodworks
With sophisticated detailing and bold massing, Georgian homes offer decadent style and grace. Many Georgian homes are highlighted with exterior detailing, specifically slender columns. Georgian architecture is stately, conservative, and symmetrical.
  • Structure: Symmetry is important with an introduction of Italian stylistic details, such as pediments and decorative urns, either carved or physical present
  • Exterior Doors: Centrally located with raised steps and feature paneled doors with elliptical transoms and narrow sidelites
  • Windows: Windows are usually 3 over 3 panels and always symmetrical, shutters are generally present
  • Colors: Cream tones, white, light gray or blue