Modern and Mid-century Modern homes spare the details and include very little of the ornament found in traditionally-styled homes. The term, “Less is more,” is the guiding concept and the millwork found in these homes is sparse with simple or no detail. The Mid-century style, specifically, leans heavily on organic forms and highlights natural materials.  In both Modern and Mid-century homes, the sight lines are linear and the use of glass is prominent, accentuating natural light and blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces. 


Mid-Century Modern | Bayer Built Woodworks
Mid-century Modern homes look organic with a heavy influence from Scandinavian designers. Lines are clean, soft and the use of glass is prominent - accentuating the use of natural light. Homes have sparse millwork, with post and beam construction. The idea behind this style is to blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior.
  • Structure: One level, open floor plan with walls of glass to bring the outdoors inside.
  • Exterior Doors: Solid, flush, asymmetrical and sparsely decorated.
  • Windows: Run the vertical length of the house and are dramatically placed.
  • Colors: Light or dark in shade.
Ranch | Bayer Built Woodworks
Ranch architecture began as a modern take on the Spanish Colonial Ranch home which always included a courtyard in the back of the home. Ranch homes are characterized by long, low, rooflines with deep eaves and attached garages. They feature simple and occasionally rustic trim and millwork.
  • Structure: One level, walk out style homes with open floor plans
  • Exterior Doors: Flush with asymmetrical or long glass
  • Windows: Large and often have shutters on the front facade
  • Colors: Monochromatic; Colors vary but rarely differentiate between walls and trim work