Current Trends

While architectural styles are classified by historic changes in the design of residential and commercial buildings, home design trends come and go more quickly.  The most popular trend, currently, is “Farmhouse,” which blends the simplicity of stick frame homes found on farms throughout rural United States with updated finishes and furnishings which have very simple lines.  It is sometimes represented as utilizing vintage farm antiques or the materials which evoke those antiques, such as weathered wood, steel and iron alongside very simple trim and black accents.  

Below are a few styles used that make up this current trend...


Craftsman Design Style | Bayer Built Woodworks
With an emphasis on authentic, handmade construction the Craftsman style provides a simple elegance with an unmatched natural beauty. Highlighting craftsmanship and construction, these homes feature clean lines with exposed construction and an attention to detail. Craftsman homes use natural materials to bring subtle, humble beauty with respect and sensibility.
  • Structure: Homes resemble cottages, or bungalows; simple, handmade look with hipped or gabled rooflines and deep eaves
  • Exterior Doors: Entry systems generally feature simple paneling with glass in the upper third and wide sidelites, dentil shelf is common just below glass panes
  • Windows: Double hung windows in four or six over one pane
  • Colors: Inspired by nature - muted reds, greens, browns and rust
Colonial Design Style | Bayer Built Woodworks
Colonial style homes offer a reflection of early American sensibility and simpler times. These homes emphasize economical craftsmanship rather than decorative detailing. There are few details and trim is narrow and not decorative.
  • Structure: Colonial homes are tall and narrow, a classic "Salt Box" structure
  • Exterior Doors: Entry systems are narrow and windowless with long, vertical panels
  • Windows: Usually 3 over 3 panes, sometimes 4 over 3 panes
  • Colors: Earth tones, gray, natural wood colors; Never white