Born in the Midwest in the late 19th century, American Craftsman style homes place an emphasis on authentic, handmade construction providing simple elegance with unmatched natural beauty. The guiding concept is to highlight craftsmanship, hence the name.  These homes feature handmade details, exposed construction, often with stacked and simply detailed millwork. Craftsman homes use plenty of wood, stone and other natural materials to bring subtle, humble beauty with respect and sensibility. 


Craftsman Design Style | Bayer Built Woodworks
With an emphasis on authentic, handmade construction the Craftsman style provides a simple elegance with an unmatched natural beauty. Highlighting craftsmanship and construction, these homes feature clean lines with exposed construction and an attention to detail. Craftsman homes use natural materials to bring subtle, humble beauty with respect and sensibility.
  • Structure: Homes resemble cottages, or bungalows; simple, handmade look with hipped or gabled rooflines and deep eaves
  • Exterior Doors: Entry systems generally feature simple paneling with glass in the upper third and wide sidelites, dentil shelf is common just below glass panes
  • Windows: Double hung windows in four or six over one pane
  • Colors: Inspired by nature - muted reds, greens, browns and rust
Prairie Design Style | Bayer Built Woodworks
Providing a sense of rootedness and hearth, these homes appear firmly anchored to the ground with low roof lines and massive central chimneys, creating exquisite shadows. Interior plans provide openness and promote unity, featuring few doors but strips of windows and moulding. Prairie homes have a significant horizontal feel to them molding themselves into the surrounding landscape.
  • Structure: Prairie homes feature strong horizontal lines with low roofs, broad overhangs, and strips of casement windows
  • Exterior Doors: Emphasis on asymmetry and straight lines, glass along the top third of the door; Usually hidden under a porte-cochere or behind a protective wall
  • Windows: Linear stained glass patterns placed along horizontal planes to emphasize the lines of the structure
  • Colors: Inspired by the prairie including tans and browns