Maintenance-free, heavy duty Frontline aluminum clad is available in both classic and crownline brickmould styles. Within each style there are 8 stock colors & garage door clad frame sets to match (White, Almond, Sandstone, Terratone, Bahama Brown, Bronze, Black, & Green).

                       Crownline Clad Profiles | Bayer Built WoodworksClassic Clad Profiles | Bayer Built WoodworksSlimline Clad Profiles | Bayer Built Woodworks

Vinyl nail fin cannont be applied to Slimline units and are not compatible with storm doors.

White CladAlmond CladSandtone CladTerratone CladBahama Brown CladBronze CladBlack CladGreen Clad
(Note: images are intended for reference purposes only, the colors shown are not accurate for color matching)