Fall Clean Up Reminders

Now that the sun is starting to set earlier in the day and a few colors can be seen in the tree leaves, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the change in seasons.  Notice we didn’t use the dreaded word beginning with a, “W”? To help you get started, we’ve […]

Who is Bayer Built?

To give you an inside look at some of the other members of our Bayer Built family, we thought it would be fun to interview a Team Leader from each department. This week we're introducing you to the Team Leader of our Exterior department; Terry Gruber.

Town and Country

This week, in cities big and small, we’ll be celebrating our great nation’s beginning and our declaration of independence!  Burgers will be grilled, bevvies will be opened and laughter will fill the air.  Parades, carnivals, music and fireworks; cousins, friends, neighbors and grandparents…what a celebration we will have!  Many triumphs and losses took place in […]