The #1 requested color for interior doors…(drum roll, please)…

This is my favorite time of year; for a couple of reasons.  Typically, by the middle of February, I’m cross-country skiing every other day, looking at seed catalogs and reading articles about the highly anticipated color trends for the year.  One of these hasn’t happened.  At least not every-other day. (Where is the snow?!)  Regrettably, this winter-lover has had to frequent the gym more often and focus her attention on seeds and color.

The doors in this photo are taking their final run through prefinish and then leaving our plant for their intended locations throughout the Midwest today.  It’s a good illustration of the wide variety of colors requested of us.  They’re light, they’re dark and they are quite literally, every shade in between.

When we added finishing to our business, over fifteen years ago, our color offering was slim.  Today, we have the capability to finish your millwork order in any color that suits you.  We’ve seen a lot of interesting requests including lime green and every shade of white…but the #1 color request we’ve received?


If you were to ask any of the team members in our paint kitchen, they’d tell you the conversations around color sound something like this:

Would you be able to make it blend with this toothpick-sized sliver of 1950’s trim?  –Yes.

Would you be able to mix a color that will jive with our Marvin window “Bronze,” clad color?  –Yep, already have that formula on file.

Would you be able to send us a sample of alder trim, stained to match my favorite sweater?  –Well…sure.  Can you send us your favorite sweater?

We’re looking forward to seeing color this year and lots of it!  Many shades of gray will continue into the spring  but look for those grays to be paired with big bold colors like Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala. It closely resembles the Burgundy Wine in our paint color deck.  It’s a warm, powerful color and might be described as flavor-FULL.

There might not be any snow, but this color will keep all of us toasty as we anxiously await spring!

-Holly Bayer, ASID