Making a work space, work!

It’s that time of year… when all moms and dads breathe a sweet sigh of relief.  Back-to-school we go!  At our house, the home office-school work space is getting a clean out and re-work.  Whether you’re getting students ready for school and homework or your own work area needs a little update, below is a peek at what we think it takes to make a work-space that works:

  1. A good, bright light. Particularly during the winter months when the evenings are dark and the stack of homework is large.
  2. A clean work surface. Keep your surface clear in order to maintain focus. *You could even use an old door fitted with a glass top for your writing surface.
  3. A comfy chair. Not too comfy, so that you’re napping more than writing.  If you know you’ll be sitting for more than an hour at a time, consider making it ergonomic!
  4. Plenty o’ supplies.  Each time you have to get up to find a stapler or a piece of tape or another pencil, your concentration is lost.  Keep the supplies you use most within reach.  Fun containers make for a happy desk.
  5. Inspiration board…or brainstorming board…or homework calendar space. Cork or chalkboard work well to stay organized, regardless of the task at hand.  *Millwork can be re-purposed as a frame!

Happy learning and working…let’s get to it!

-Holly Bayer, ASID