Best I’ve seen, lately…

No matter where I am now, I notice millwork.  Aside from the overall quality of light and the design concept for any given space, my eye goes directly to the doors and trim.  Surprising?  Maybe.  I mean, there would appear to be very few changes in the world of doors and millwork.

While it is true that virtually every millwork knife for any particular moulding profile has been created at least twice in the last eighty years, the options for putting together different sizes and types is endless.

This one was spotted in the home of a friend and I pointed it out to her.  She and her husband have lived there for three years and had not noticed that four pieces of millwork make up the crown moulding in her home.

And this one, which can be seen in person at the Split Rock Lighthouse, in the Light Keeper’s home.  So beautiful and so unique; in what is a very, VERY, tiny staircase.  I’ve never seen balusters like it:

To make your home different than your neighbor’s consider installing millwork with personality.  Discuss with your carpenter or contractor how to combine a few profiles to make the ceiling crown more special or the base a little taller and more interesting.  Find many more inspiring installations at our website under “Inspiration.”

Imagine that…

-Holly Bayer, ASID