Town and Country

This week, in cities big and small, we’ll be celebrating our great nation’s beginning and our declaration of independence!  Burgers will be grilled, bevvies will be opened and laughter will fill the air.  Parades, carnivals, music and fireworks; cousins, friends, neighbors and grandparents…what a celebration we will have! 

Many triumphs and losses took place in order for this country to be.  What began as a big idea amongst a few men became a democracy and a promise of freedom.  Families, bachelors and siblings began arriving in America and quickly began their migration west into the prairies and mountains.  In an effort to stake a piece of land and have something to call their own, they put every last cent into a wagon and supplies; then they headed off into the unknown.  Many did not survive to see the result of their family’s efforts.  Others are still settled on the land their great- grandparents claimed.

The railroad followed shortly after and created innumerous stops, places for trade and settlement to begin.  Communities joined together to make their train depot and grain elevator something more than just a stop on the rail line.  Today, parades march down those first, “main streets,” and communities still gather to celebrate.  Indeed, nothing great happens without a big idea, a little risk and teamwork. 

What a great joy and privilege it is to be an American citizen and to have a town to call home.  Let’s celebrate all that our great country has accomplished together and remember with great admiration the many pioneers and soldiers who gave their lives for us to be free.

From our team to yours, a very happy Fourth of July!

-Holly Bayer, ASID