Stair System Options

There are several stair part terms that make me smile. Not because I love them, but because I can imagine a homeowner’s expression when faced with the challenge of selecting a stair system. Newels, volutes, gooseneck fittings, over the post…what the what? Where to start? These industry terms are second nature to seasoned installers and most builders, but to a homeowner stair parts can be very intimidating.

Stairs are often one of the most architecturally significant features of the home and at the same time one of the most difficult to design. One of the first decision that a homeowner will need to make is to decide which type of stair system they prefer. There are two types “Post to Post” and “Over the Post”.

  • Post to Post systems are designed with rail running between a series of newels, with the top of the post projecting above the rail.
  • In an “Over the Post” balustrade system the rail runs over the newels with a series of fittings. This design provides the aesthetic that the handrail is continuous.

Be sure to check back over the next couple of weeks for more information regarding stair parts from Bayer Built Woodworks. Coming up we’ll be covering stair parts terminology, trends, and available options…you can also find more information on our website.